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Real Estate Glossary


June 2020

Individual freehold ownership, condominium declaration, common ownership, maintenance reserve, HOA manager, individual freehold property manager, etc. – during a condominium acquisition you will sooner or later come across some or all of these terms.

Our job is to shed some light on this arcane terminology. We will help you make the acquisition of your condominium a piece of cake. Let us initiate the joint process right here, as we brief you in this guideline on the standard steps involved in condominium acquisitions – from your initial wish to buy, all the way to the eventual transfer of title.

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Your Path to Owning Real Estate

Number of Planning Consents Hits Second-highest Level since Turn of the Millennium

08. April 2021

No one would deny that Germany suffers from pent-up demand for new-build housing construction, but at least as far as planning consents go, it is heading in the right direction, as the latest stats confirm...
Your Path to Owning Real Estate

New Initiative Wants to Increase Housing Construction and Homeownership Rate

25. February 2021

It hardly qualifies as news anymore that Germany’s housing market has been unimpressed by the coronavirus crisis so far. Property prices have nowhere to go but up, and buying a condominium is a paying proposition.