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April 2021

Condominium as part of the Pension Scheme – invest now in your Future

The own pension scheme is an important element of the personal finance plan. Low interest rates in classy capital investments for the pension scheme as saving accounts, federal bonds and insurances are not worth investments anymore. Interest rates from about 1 percent are not even competing with the inflation rate of two to four percent – the money even loses value! One possibility to provide for one’s age is a condominium as capital investment. In contrast to stocks, which rely on fluctuations on the finance market, properties are value stable and value increasing investments. 

The advantages of a condominium are obvious: If you’re leasing, you have a safe and regular rate of return; if you’re using the property for yourself, you get rid of any potential rent increases and potential trouble with your landlord. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your pension and safely invest your money!

Real Estate as Pension Scheme – find your Home in one of Germanys Cities

If you are looking for a condominium with special increase in value, emerging regions with universities and other German cities are worth a look. The demand for living space is exponentially high, so that rents and purchase prices increase and therefore the value of properties do too. 

Experts don’t see a termination on this development yet so a condominium as part of the pension scheme in metropolitan areas can still be classified as excellent. A high increase of value and attractive yields are safe for the owner.

Benefits of a Condominium as Pension Plan

As the Housing Cost report from the IW German Economic Institute states the purchase of a condominium is more favorable than renting it due to the low interest rates: the financial advantage of buying is in average 33 percent more favorable, while in some states as for example Hambourg it’s even 40 percent. In this calculation costs for brokers and higher side purchase costs are already included!

Establishing an own condo is an important part of the own hedge so it is advisable to follow up with it in early ages. A comprehensive and individual consultation is essential to be financially prepared for the future. Considering the future low rent projections a condominium as pension plan is a reliable supplement in one’s pension.

Sustainable and modern Living in the old age

If you’re getting old, you surely don’t want to miss the current developments – so why not think about innovative living ideas? A smart home is the solution – a household that is completely cross linked, so that for example the energy supply and consumption is automatically regulated. Another idea is to use solar energy with panels on your roof or terrace!

Depending on your individual condominium preferences we surely will be able to find the fitting condo for you where you can enjoy your pension or where renters guarantee you a safe yield.

We’ll be happy to help you in finding the right condominium and we’re looking forward to your request!

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