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ACCENTRO & ImmoScout24 The power duo of the real estate industry

With access to the largest real estate market, a powerful nationwide sales organization and a unique range of services for marketing and distribution of residential real estate, we are your ideal partner.

Regardless of whether you are a property developer, project developer, institutional investor or private owner looking to sell your existing property or your new construction project - we will support you in conceptualizing and marketing your residential real estate in line with your needs.

As a real estate expert with more than 20 years of experience, ACCENTRO offers you guaranteed purchase contracts for your projects. As an exclusive service, ImmoScout24 takes over the marketing of the properties as a whole. With more than 20 million users per month via website or app, Germany's leading online marketplace offers impressive reach and a compelling range of services.

Our shared vision: Turn sales into partnership. Break new ground with us - including the ACCENTRO purchase guarantee and best marketing!

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Distribution taken to completion

A unique model for ideal marketing and sales of residential properties

ACCENTRO Real Estate and ImmoScout24, two of the most successful companies in the real estate industry, support you with strategic vision as well as conceptual thinking and action - from the conception of the project idea to the complete sale of all units.

  • ACCENTRO purchase guarantee - transparent, fair, carefree

ACCENTRO takes over the sale of the housing portfolios for you on an exclusive basis within the framework of a purchase agreement. To ensure maximum planning security, a purchase agreement is notarized between us, guaranteeing you the complete sale of all units at a mutually defined date. For the period between the conclusion of the purchase agreement and the due date, we are exclusively commissioned by sales order to refer the units to the final purchaser. There are no risks or worries for you in connection with the sales process - thanks to a guaranteed exit.

  • Best marketing for your residential properties with ImmoScout24

More than 20 million visitors per month on the website or app speak for themselves: ImmoScout24 is responsible for the entire marketing strategy of your projects, from the creation of exposés to the development of websites (microsites), placement on Germany's largest online marketplace for real estate, the selection of suitable special forms of advertising, and marketing in social networks - ensuring that your project receives maximum attention.

Your advantages

Sale with ACCENTRO purchase guarantee:

Risk-free and maximum
security with the nationwide
unique purchase guarantee

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Marketing strategy by ImmoScout24:

Best-in-class marketing
for maximum attention

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The No. 1 for home ownership:

over 17,500 units sold since 2009

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The No. 1 online real estate marketplace:

over 20 million users per month on the website or app

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Powerful distribution:

over €2 billion in volume of units sold since 2009

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Our strengths

Very high purchase demand:

57.8 inquiries per month per purchase project*.

*Performance evaluation of all full-service projects in 2020.

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Reliability & risk-free thanks to purchase guarantee:

Over € 60 million in volume achieved with purchase guarantee

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Top reach:

7.8 million unique buyers per month on the website

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Successful partner:

over 13,000 satisfied customers

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Everything under one roof:

Online/offline marketing, analytics, web design

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Who we are


  • Germany's leading online platform for residential and commercial real estate

  • ImmoScout24 has revolutionized the real estate market for over 20 years

  • more than 20 million users per month on the online marketplace or via app

  • 99 percent awareness among over 18-year-olds in Germany

  • With its digital solutions, the online marketplace provides guidance and successfully brings owners, brokers and potential buyers together.

  • ImmoScout24 is committed to handling real estate transactions digitally, making complex decisions easier for its users.

ACCENTRO Real Estate

  • The No. 1 for home ownership: residential investor and market leader in residential privatization in Germany

  • over 17,500 units sold since 2009

  • Active in the privatization business and as a sales partner for large housing estates within Germany for more than twenty years

  • Real estate portfolio of over 5,200 units (as of 31.12.2020)

  • Four key areas: tenant-oriented sales of apartments to owner-occupiers and private capital investors, sales of real estate portfolios to institutional investors, development and management of its own real estate portfolio, and marketing of apartments for portfolio owners, investors and project developers


Kantstraße 44/45
D-10625 Berlin

Tel.: 030 / 887 181 7628
Fax: 030 / 887 181 49

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