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Make your dream of a condominium in Leipzig come true

In our offers of real estate in Leipzig you will find properties for all requirements, from neat old apartments for the whole family to modern single apartments. We have the right offers in every segment. Similar to other metropolitan regions in Germany, Leipzig has also experienced an unexpected growth spurt. In 2014, instead of the expected 29,000, a whopping 35,000 new citizens were added, and by the end of the year 551,871 people were living in Leipzig. Experts estimate that the growth forecasts up to 2032 are positive in every scenario. This has an impact on the housing market. In 2011, the average rent for a 100-square-meter apartment was still €6.11 per square meter; in 2015, it was already €7.61 per square meter. By way of comparison, average rents for 100-square-meter apartments in Saxony statewide were €6.31 in 2015. A condominium in Leipzig is therefore a safe investment. Leipzig has made a name for itself in the international world of art. Numerous museums attract visitors from all over the world and brighten up the free time of Leipzig's art-loving residents. In addition, there is also a wide range of offers for theater lovers, refined gastronomy and, of course, a colorful creative scene. But even those who prefer to take it easy will get their money's worth in Leipzig. Excursions into the countryside are easy to make. Leipzig's surrounding countryside is dotted with nature, bathing lakes and hiking trails are very popular, especially in summer. With a condominium in Leipzig, you can call a piece of this extraordinary city your own.