The ACCENTRO Home­owner­ship Report 2021

Get the analysis of the German real estate market in unique detail.

With the 14. ACCENTRO Homeownership Report 2021 you get the best real estate insights at a glance.

Make profound decisions with the ACCENTRO Homeownership Report

When it comes to evaluating a real estate investment, many parameters and statistics need to be considered. Which regions lend themselves to my goals? How do long-term and short-term developments in certain areas relate to each other? These and other questions are answered by the ACCENTRO Homeownership Report 2021.

14 years

Profound knowledge


Major German cities


Of the German market


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of the “Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft”

This is what you can expect in the ACCENTRO Homeownership Report 2021


The ACCENTRO Homeownership Report is a clearly structured and transparent survey of the residential market action in Germany’s major cities. Applying a wide variety of criteria, such as transaction volumes, revenues or the number of ownership apartments sold, the report organises the cities into rankings, so that Germany’s top locations are transparently presented at a glance.

In its drilldown depth and data quantity, the ACCENTRO Homeownership Report is the only one of its kind in Germany. In addition to the analysis of homeownership markets of the 81 largest cities in Germany, the report always also discusses a special subject based on an ad-hoc extraction.

Detailed insights into 81 major cities

The detailed preparation and presentation of the market data of each city in the ACCENTRO Homeownership Report are the result of a collaboration between ACCENTRO and the German Economic Institute (IW). Revenues, apartments prices and data on the cities’ rent indices are available to the reader – in detail and in easy-to-follow wording.

Special subjects 2021 - carbon neutrality

Over 1.2 trillion euros in capital expenditures required

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges our society and economy has ever faced. The buildings sector, too, must rise to the challenge. After all, its annual carbon output exceeds 118 million tons. The ACCENTRO Homeownership Report has measured the capital expenditures required before 2050 to achieve the goals set by the German Government to combat climate change.

One factor holding back climate change mitigation Is the shortage of skilled labour

In addition to the tremendous amounts of money that will have to be invested to fight climate change, the human resources needed to perform building upgrades have become a rare commodity. According to IW, the shortage of skilled labour is particularly evident in the area of HVAC and sanitary engineering. More than 15,000 jobs are vacant in this field, the number in electrical site engineering being 17,000 while 82 percent of the open positions in refrigeration engineering cannot be filled. The ACCENTRO Homeownership Report takes a close look at this development and its consequences for the fight against climate change.

Here are the best insights

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Choose from the top 10 cities and the past 10 years and compare a selection of rankings individually. The developments can then be read off in descriptive diagrams. Try it out!

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A strong team

The German Economic Institute (IW) is one of Germany’s leading research institutes. For many years, it has worked with ACCENTRO to advance homeownership market research in Germany. The 14th edition of the ACCENTRO Homeownership Report is yet another product of the partners’ long-term collaboration.

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