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Accentro GmbH is a real estate service company specialising in the privatisation of large residential portfolios. We have been active on the German real estate market since 1999. We will coach you through the entire process, from the initial viewing, to the notarisation, and all the way to the handover of the keys. At the moment, we can offer you a wide choice of condominiums in different locations for sale.

Our advisory team is standing by to accompany you on viewings or to assist you with all the details you need on a given condominium.

Asset Management

Asset management is an important component in the housing privatisation business. Upon request, we will ensure that your real estate portfolio is professionally managed during the privatisation process while optimising its running yield. We will even customise our reporting system to match your needs.

Successful Asset Management Through Tenant-Sensitivity

As specialist for the German housing market, we rely on extensive know-how and familiarity with just the right marketing and communication tools for a pinpoint approach to potential tenants and buyers. This will help to ensure a speedy and cost-effective subdivision process for your property. Our tenant-sensitive approach to privatisation keeps us in regular contact with the tenants. We use the insights gained in the process to advantage in the asset management of your residential portfolio, too.

At the same time, we never lose sight of the planned exit when managing your portfolio, and will coordinate refurbishment and modernisation measures with your apartment retailing strategy. The asset management we provide includes much, much more than simple management of your portfolio. Indeed, it will speed up the marketing drive.

Real Estate Investment

If you are an investor active in the residential real estate sector, own a large housing portfolio, and are looking for a reliable partner to handle both the sales end and the attendant asset management, you should talk to us. We at Accentro GmbH bring more than twelve years of experience in residential property transactions to the job, and are thoroughly familiar with the specificities of German housing markets. Our know-how in the real estate investment sector is documented in our condominium report Accentro Home Ownership Report which is annually published in German, and which evaluates condominium sales in Germany's 82 major cities (population 100,000 or more).

Optimal Support for Real Estate Investments

Our main fortes include our market know-how and our networks: We will develop an optimal exit strategy and implement it for you in the next step – be it through apartment retailing, block deals, or portfolio sales. We are thoroughly familiar with the local demand situation, and will assist you in choosing the right time to exit your real estate investments. You will benefit from our continuously updated database of leads when hunting for buyers.

We will not only broker customer contacts but will proactively approach known leads and advise them on available financing options. Undaunted by language barriers, we specialise in multi-lingual sales. Indeed, one out of every three flats that Accentro sold in 2012 involved investors whose primary places of residence were abroad. More and more private investors are looking for investment opportunities in Germany in order to take advantage of the prospering German housing market – this being a client potential that Accentro is aggressively developing for your privatisation projects or your planned portfolio sale.

Services for new-build and existing Properties

The success of a project is no coincidence, but the result of a needs-based concept and well thought-out marketing. Whether you want to privatize your existing property or need support in new construction sales: we support you from the conception of your project idea to the finished end product. Together we decide on the sales model that best meets the requirements of the project. We are also happy to participate in interesting projects in joint ventures, with equity partnerships or in the form of acceptance guarantees. Here, we are particularly concerned with comprehensive sales preparation, the individual marketing strategy as well as the integration of our sales network for more visibility and reach for your project. In this way, we bring supply and demand together perfectly in all aspects.

Reliability, integrity and true partnership are values that mean the world to us. That is why we cultivate a spirit of partnership when interacting with our clients. Taking a peer-to-peer approach, we jointly assume responsibility, and put our money where our mouth is. This way of doing business can be aptly summed up in a single term: commitment. It brings to the point what matters to us and stands for our promise to you.

Our Services

  • Sales and marketing of new-build and existing assets

  • Support in the concept design of new projects, from brainstorming to product

  • Bespoke marketing models – transparent and fair

Our Scope of Services

  • Analysis of property or project

  • product development and price strategy

  • Sales strategy & bespoke marketing strategy

  • Sale & after-sales management

    + extra service: project management

Your Benefits

  • Long-term experience and a track record of successful proprietary and third-party sales

  • Planning certainty and fixed exit date for your project

  • High-powered distribution network: 1 key account manager = 30 times wider reach

  • Professional project preparation for a smooth sales process flow

Let us team up for joint success! We look forward to meeting you.

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