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Become a partner or service provider of ACCENTRO Real Estate and make use of our nationwide offers and long-standing experience in the field of residential real estate.

Take advantage of the new partnership between ACCENTRO & ImmoScout24

The new power duo in the residential real estate market combines the ACCENTRO purchase guarantee with prime marketing by ImmoScout24 - resulting in a unique service package throughout Germany.

Not only developers and owners are among the winners of this partnership. You as a real estate agent can also become part of the success today.

Discover all the benefits of the ACCENTRO & ImmoScout24 partnership and find out exactly how you can benefit from it.

How to become part of the success:

  1. We arrange a joint appointment and talk about the details and your questions. 

  2. We conclude a cooperation agreement for approaching the property developers*.

  3. You contact property developers you know or acquire new ones in your region.

  4. Property developers are informed by you and convinced of the cooperation with you and ACCENTRO.

  5. We arrange a joint appointment with the developer.

  6. After a thorough examination of the project, we conclude a sales contract with the developer that includes the ACCENTRO purchase guarantee.

  7. Upon completion, you receive a tipster commission.

  8. For individual sales to third parties, we conclude a sales contract for the freehold apartments with you.

  9. You will receive an agent's commission from us for sales contracts you conclude with third parties.

*Developer term: The model naturally also applies to project developers as well as institutional or private investors.

Take advantage of the following benefits as an agent:

Tipper commission in case of successful referral of a project
Further market development through more properties & focus on your consulting business
Access to large-volume projects, more sales orders & additional commissions
Support from ImmoScout24's channels & marketing expertise
Sales contract together with ACCENTRO

Are you interested in cooperating with us or do you have any questions?

We will be happy to help you. Please fill out our contact form below. We will contact you as soon as possible. Your team at ACCENTRO


We accept sales orders throughout Germany. Our focus is on economically strong growth regions and cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. Depending on the location, we sell properties with 20 units or more. We focus on new construction projects (apartment buildings, terraced houses, semi-detached houses) and already divided apartment buildings.

In addition to participating in the success of the cooperation between ACCENTRO and ImmoScout24 and gaining access to large-volume projects, you as an agent will benefit above all from a "tipster commission" when a project is successfully referred. An increase in sales orders as well as further market development through more properties are further advantages enjoyed by our future partners. Additional support is provided by ImmoScout24's channels and marketing expertise, allowing you to focus more on your consulting business.

Together, we can make sales of residential properties even more efficient and profitable. You can also participate in sales projects on a scale that you would not normally be able to handle in terms of staff. As a result, you gain access to large-volume projects and new market segments. This makes you a relevant contact for completely new customer groups. With the ACCENTRO purchase guarantee at a fixed price, we provide you with another good argument for obtaining sales orders from property developers.

We currently plan an average tipster commission of 0.5% of the purchase project volume within the purchase guarantee for the developer. The exact amount of the commission depends on the respective project, location and the subsequent possible individual sales order. When it comes to a pure tipster commission, its amount depends on the effort, project and location - We would like to generously consider every broker who refers properties to us.

We are currently planning a commission of approx. 3 to 5 % plus VAT. However, we cannot make a general statement about the exact amount, as the commissions will vary from location to location and from project to project.

We pay the agent's commission after the sales contract has been signed. If there are delays in construction or other events that make it necessary to reverse the sales contract, the tipster commission is an entrepreneurial risk of ACCENTRO and therefore does not have to be repaid.

No, there are no additional costs for the agents.As part of the cooperation, ImmoScout will use a comprehensive range of online marketing tools. Each individual agent will benefit from this within the corresponding project marketing.

You should have a very good knowledge of the market in your region, an excellent reputation and references, as well as experience in distributing new property. And, of course, you should have the desire to conquer your home market together with us.

We do not want to rule out anything, however, the cooperation is actually aimed at complementing each other. If you do not know any property developers and are purely interested in a sales mandate in your region, please feel free to contact us and we will put you on a list for our nationwide expansion. Perhaps the possibility of a cooperation will open up later on.

We will always find a fair but individual solution per project. Either both parties get access to all units or we work with exclusivities for certain units. The distribution shares could be divided according to apartment types, for example. We want to work together as partners and you as an agent shall be successful.

We give the developer a purchase guarantee that applies at a fixed point in time. If possible, the entire share of the agents should be sold by then. If they fail to do so, we at ACCENTRO will take the remaining units into our own portfolio. Accordingly, we will jointly agree on milestones that will be reconciled on a quarterly basis.

Within the cooperation with ACCENTRO, ImmoScout24 prepares the basic marketing documents such as branding, visualizations, photos and brochures. Your customers are then approached individually through your specially prepared exposés. The marketing documents provided to you will always be the fundament for your sales documents.

No. There is no pure territorial protection. However, we do grant customer protection for 24 months for every developer you refer to us and with whom we hold an initial meeting.

Yes. If a client is not already known to us, the agent(s) will receive client protection for the properties in which they collaborate with us. We want to win real partners and would like to provide you with security in order to work for the common goal.

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