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5 tips to help you find a real estate agent

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March 2023

Here's how to find the agent that's the best fit for you.

Buying real estate is an emotional issue for many people, as it involves much more than just buying a residential property. This is about buying a home, a place to live and feel good, or even a property as an investment. It is therefore an important investment in the future and a provision for old age.

A real estate agent who understands these needs can become a valuable partner for you. He listens, advises and helps you achieve your goals and have a successful and stress-free buying experience.

So what exactly are the special qualities and skills that make a good agent? We've compiled a few criteria for you here that can help you in your broker selection:

1. Competence and experience:

Your real estate agent should be well informed about current market conditions and the local real estate market. This means that he has a profound knowledge and extensive industry experience. Only then can your real estate agent help make the best decisions for you. Among other things, it is especially important that your agent can realistically assess the value of a property and thus give you the best guidance. Also look closely at the agent's qualifications: does he have the necessary certificates and licenses?

2. Sense of responsibility:

Your agent should work responsibly and look out for your best interests. He should carefully monitor every step of the process and make sure that all parties fulfill their obligations.

3. Efficiency:

Your real estate agent should work efficiently so that the sale or purchase of a property goes quickly and smoothly. He should be able to handle all paperwork, schedule appointments, and expedite the sales process so that it can be completed quickly.

4. Transparency:

Open and transparent communication is very important. Your agent should regularly update you on the status of the sale or purchase and take all questions seriously and answer them in detail.

5. Kindness:

And at the very end comes something that may be taken for granted, but we would like to list this point anyway: Your agent should simply provide you with a friendly and professional service, be understanding and helpful. As mentioned at the beginning, this list shows how diverse the demands on an agent can be. But all of these points ultimately add up to a complete picture and ensure that you have a good feeling throughout the entire buying or selling process.

In summary, a good real estate agent is an experienced, responsible and efficient partner who will support you in all aspects.

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