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Leipzig as a real estate location: Why buying here is particularly worthwhile

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May 2024

Leipzig has established itself as a dynamic center of culture and business in recent years and offers investors a wide range of opportunities to enter the real estate market. These are the reasons why buying a property in Leipzig is a worthwhile investment:

Economic upturn and high demand for real estate

Leipzig is not only historically and culturally rich, but also a vibrant economic center in eastern Germany. With a growing number of companies and start-ups gaining a foothold in the city, Leipzig is experiencing significant economic growth. This growth is a key driver of demand for housing, which is in high demand from both tenants and buyers. Leipzig is one of the fastest growing cities in Germany, which is supported by the companies and educational institutions located here as well as the city's increasing attractiveness for young people and families. The steady influx of people from other regions further reinforces this development and ensures a continuous demand for residential and commercial real estate.

Real estate prices in comparison

In direct comparison with larger German cities such as Munich or Berlin, property prices in Leipzig offer a more affordable entry into the real estate market, which is particularly attractive for first-time investors. The presence of numerous old buildings and listed properties, which are often found in Leipzig, not only offer a unique charm, but also considerable potential for value appreciation. These properties are often cheaper than comparable properties in other major German cities, which makes them particularly interesting for long-term investments.

Quality of life and cultural flair

Leipzig is characterized by a high quality of life, which is supported by an excellent infrastructure, a large number of educational institutions and a wide range of cultural activities. The city offers everything from opera houses and theaters to museums and historical sights, which significantly enhances the quality of life. These aspects make Leipzig particularly attractive for young families, creative people and students. The high quality of life permanently attracts new residents, which further increases the demand for real estate and leads to a lively, constantly growing urban community.

The population composition in Leipzig shows a positive trend: young people and families are increasingly moving here, and the number of students is growing steadily. These developments ensure a robust demand for living space. Leipzig has become an attractive location for skilled workers and academics, which is also strengthening the local economy and further boosting the real estate market.

In addition, Leipzig was named as one of the top 10 most liveable cities in Europe in a recent survey by the European Commission, which further underlines the city's attractiveness.

Leipzig as a future-oriented investment

Leipzig is often classified as a B-city, which implies that it plays an important role nationally, but is less well-known internationally than the A-cities of Berlin or Munich. This classification offers investors advantages, as real estate prices have not yet reached the peak values of other metropolitan areas, but a solid increase in value can be expected. This is particularly relevant in view of the continuous growth and falling vacancy rates in the city.


In summary, the real estate market in Leipzig offers numerous advantages due to its economic dynamism, attractive prices, high quality of life and favorable demographic trends. Investors looking for a city that is culturally and economically rich and dynamic should seriously consider the real estate market in Leipzig. Buying a property here means betting on long-term growth and a high quality of life.

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