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Between tranquillity and liveliness - Apartment for sale in Pankow

If you are looking for a condominium in Pankow that exactly meets your requirements, we regularly have new interesting properties ready for you in our listings. You will find well-cut single flats, dreamy attic and storey flats, family-friendly multi-room flats and much more. In 2008, Pankow was designated a "Place of Diversity" by the federal government and offers a lot of variety in social and cultural terms. The cityscape also speaks for itself: you will find beautifully renovated old buildings with stucco and high ceilings, as well as modern new buildings with lots of comfort. At the same time, living in Pankow is quieter than in the neighbouring trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg - even the dignitaries of the GDR knew how to appreciate this environment and left behind an impressive villa estate.  In contrast, Rosenthal or Buch are almost rural and relaxed places to live. Right now, the conditions for investing in a condominium in Berlin-Pankow are exceptionally favourable. The popularity of the district in the north of Berlin is growing at the same rate as its population - and its appeal is unbroken. Asking rents are particularly high in Pankow's most popular locations, such as the centre of the district around the Pankow S-Bahn station, as well as in "Rosenthal" and "Niederschönhausen". It is cheaper on the leafy outskirts in Buch.

Living in Berlin-Pankow: All the best on your doorstep

Pankow is perfectly situated between the outskirts and the city centre. A well-developed tram and bus network connects every corner of Pankow with the Ringbahn and Berlin-Mitte. Traditionally a popular place for artists to live, the district itself offers a rich cultural life with exciting venues. Small boutiques, cafés and excellent restaurants entice visitors during the day, while numerous cinemas, theatres, bars and clubs complement the offerings in the evening hours. Would you like to buy a condominium in an exciting and family-friendly district? You will find what you are looking for in Berlin-Pankow.