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ACCENTRO Housing Cost Report: Renting or buying? The facts for 2024

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July 2024

Do you also dream of owning your own four walls? Then watch out: 2024 could be the perfect year to make this dream come true. The latest ACCENTRO Housing Cost Report shows that entering the housing market is particularly lucrative at the moment. Why now is the ideal time to invest in your future:

Falling owner-occupier costs

Times are changing - and to your advantage! Owner-occupier costs, i.e. the expenses for buying and living in your own property, are a key factor when deciding whether or not to buy a home. These costs have risen in recent years due to high mortgage interest rates. However, a trend reversal is on the horizon for 2024. Interest rates are stabilizing, while rents for new lettings continue to rise. By 2025, owner-occupancy costs could fall to as low as EUR 9 per square meter. This means that buying will once again become much more attractive than renting.

Long-term returns: Your assets grow with your property

A property is more than just a roof over your head - it is a smart investment in your future. The ACCENTRO Housing Cost Report shows that the market has remained stable over the decades. Imagine you bought an apartment in 1990 and have held on to it to this day. Your annual total return would average 5.5 percent. And if you've even been in it since 1970, it would be an impressive 8.1 percent per year! These figures speak for themselves: real estate is a reliable investment, even in turbulent economic times - even today.

Housing shortage: opportunity for high increases in value

Another important aspect is the current housing shortage. There are far too few apartments, particularly in conurbations and growing university cities. This is driving demand - and therefore prices - upwards. For investors, this means high increases in value and attractive returns. If you buy an apartment now, you will not only benefit from lower owner-occupancy costs, but also from the expected increase in the value of your property.

Recognize regional differences

The housing cost report also reveals considerable regional differences. In many rural regions and in the areas surrounding the top 7 cities, home ownership is still cheaper than renting despite higher interest rates. Here you can benefit particularly well from current developments and find your dream home that perfectly complements both your lifestyle and your budget. Buying is cheaper than living, especially in the districts around Berlin: Here, living in the countryside can be perfectly combined with proximity to one of the most exciting metropolitan areas of all.

Conclusion: 2024 - The year for your entry into the real estate market

Whether as a secure investment or as your own home - 2024 offers you the best conditions for entering the real estate market. Stable interest rates, falling owner-occupier costs and high demand make buying a home particularly attractive now. Be inspired by the positive prospects and take the opportunity to secure your future with your own property.

Now is the time to take the first step. Let us advise you and find the perfect apartment! There is a good chance that you will benefit in the long term - the ACCENTRO Housing Cost Report provides the best arguments for this.

Make your dream of owning your own home come true and invest in a secure and profitable future!

You can download the new ACCENTRO Housing Costs Report for free here:

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